LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Backlash over an image at 21C Museum Hotel has led to it being removed.

The image in question is from the Library of Congress's Archives and depicts a drawing of a man from the 19th Century with a Confederate flag riding a black man.

It touched off criticism of racial overtones with it growing louder when it was placed on social media.

The image was included in a four-part art installation called “The Practices of Everyday Life.”

The artists have now requested the image be replaced with a mirror from that era to reflect upon who we are as a people.

They said anger and threats of violence are not how they imagined the installation artwork performing itself.

Steve Wilson, chairman, and CEO of 21C Museum Hotels said in a statement:

“Our art collection and the exhibitions at 21C may sometimes be provocative but are not intended to be offensive. We must be honest with ourselves about our history as it has informed our present and will impact our future.”

Rev. Gerome Sutton said, on Monday, he is tired of the conversation and does not need anymore quote "talking points" but instead wants to see action.

He says he is thankful that the art is no longer on display but that was only part of his request.

"Now as we celebrate the removal of this art, we still urge 21st-century c to sponsor an artist in residence at think tank office right here," Sutton said.