LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- They may not be allowed to carry their firearms on campus but a new concealed carry class is catering to university students.

A Louisville area gun shop owner is teaming with those pushing to change concealed carry policies on college campuses like U of L.

While Kentucky and Indiana are two of 23 states that leave it up to universities and colleges to decide whether someone with a concealed carry license is allowed to bring their firearm on to school property, the University of Louisville’s policy states that those weapons must be left in a locked vehicle.

This weekend a student and experts at Openrange in Crestwood, KY will offer discounts and knowledge to students looking to get their CCDW license in Kentucky.

"Students are like any other citizens, they're subject to being attacked off campus,” said law student Ilya Chernyavskiy. “Right now, the policy prohibits carrying on campus but they can benefit from adequate means of self-defense off campus.”

A license holder himself, Chernyavskiy has been behind demonstrations like one in March of 2017 that promoted campus carry at U of L.

The effort with the upcoming class, he says, is to help students strapped for cash and time but interested in educating themselves on CCDW.

Barry Laws owns Openrange in Crestwood, the gun shop owner offering the class.

"I want to make sure that, if they're going to do that, they know the laws and they know the correct ways to do things,” said Barry Laws.

The certified concealed carry instructor is cutting, nearly in half, his price for the class. He’ll charge students $45 to take the course that can help them qualify to gain their Kentucky license.

Currently, U of L policy requires CCDW holders keep their firearms in a locked vehicle and violation of that policy could lead to discipline. A university spokesperson said she was not aware of any facing punishment recently.

The class at Openrange is Saturday, October 28th from 10 until 6 pm and open to students of any university, not just U of L.

We’re told they expect 30 to 40 people to take the class and there are still openings.