(ABC News)--George and Amal Clooney may spend a lot of time in Europe, but for now, they're in his Kentucky hometown.

The Oscar winner and his lawyer wife have spent the past few days in and around Maysville, Kentucky, where the actor's family lives.

Wednesday's agenda included a trip to Magee's bakery for a local favorite, transparent pie ("She loved it," co-owner Russell Dickson told ABC News), followed by dinner and a jazz concert in nearby Cincinnati.

"He came primarily to hear the Blue Wisp Big Band play. He also tasted some of our beer and had a good time," said Scott Hand, the co-owner of Urban Artifact, a brewery and event space. "They were here for a while. They seemed to enjoy themselves."

Clooney, 54, is in town for a family reunion, according to reports. He's been there for several days now.

On Monday, the Clooneys were part of a large party that dined at Caproni's on the River in Maysville. After dinner, during which George had a Caesar salad, tilapia, broccoli and asparagus and Amal chose a Caesar salad and lasagna, they socialized with house musician David Hall.

"They just had a very beautiful time," one employee told ABC News. "They're just a loving family."