LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Community members in Breckenridge County are calling for the resignation of the sheriff after his recent DUI arrest.

For the first time since Sheriff Todd Pate’s arrest, county leaders met Monday for a meeting but discussing the sheriff and his criminal charges were not on the agenda.

However, community members made their concerns clear. They take issue with a sheriff facing criminal charges for the second time and still sitting as the county’s leading law enforcement.

Pate was charged with DUI in March after crashing his personal car and injuring another woman.

The officer on scene said he saw Pate hiding beer bottles in nearby woods.

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Now the people the sheriff swore to protect, are calling on him to resign.

Stephen Schick started an online petition calling for Pate’s resignation. He brought it to the meeting, even though it didn’t come up.

“If this doesn’t stop, somebody will die and it needs to stop,” he said,

Schick passed the petition around during the meeting asking people to sign it with intentions of presenting it to the sheriff. He says if the sheriff doesn’t resign, he will then take it to Governor Matt Bevin.