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Clean-up almost done after tornado tears up Indiana farm

A confirmed tornado touched down on the Isaacs family farm last Thursday.

SEYMOUR, Ind. — Michael Isaacs is keeping his sunny disposition, even on a cloudy Wednesday. As he picks up sticks in the yard, he knows the muddy mess is nothing compared to last week’s mayhem.

“We’re past the worst part and the clean-ups all done,” Isaacs said.

A confirmed tornado touched down on the Isaacs family farm last Thursday. Winds hit 94 mph at times, blowing his pole barn apart and knocking the roofs off the grain bins.

Credit: WHAS11

“Oh, I'll miss it some because those buildings were there from when I was a kid but, now we figure out what we do and move on."

The farm has been in Michael Isaacs family since the 1930s. He has been taking care of it for the last 13 years.

Even after he removed the last wall of the barn standing, pieces still hang from branches.

Credit: WHAS11

“Well if the wind blows it enough maybe it'll bring it on down and we won't have to worry about it,” he joked. And Mother Nature must’ve heard because within minutes, “Actually one of the pieces did just fall out of the tree.”

Isaacs said most of the mess was picked up Saturday. The quick clean-up credited to the helping hands of neighbors.

Credit: WHAS11
Credit: WHAS11

“Equipment-wise all came from guys in a two-mile radius,” he explained. “We never really had to ask, people saw it and said hey I can do this or whatever.”

Isaacs said he's still waiting for insurance adjusters to total up the cost but hopes this storm is almost over.

“I've seen enough on my TV and all that where everything is wiped out. Now that's a disaster. This is just, especially with the house not being touched, that's a big load to not have to deal with.”

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