LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Days after the NCAA released their rulings in its investigation of a sex scandal involving prospective recruits and players, a self-proclaimed madam who says she provided escorts for the alleged events at the University of Louisville has resurfaced.

Katina Powell, the author of Breaking Cardinal Rules, participated in a Facebook Live discussion with local comedian Jason English Saturday.

Powell, who has not been seen much in the public eye, talked candidly in a graphic interview with English about the NCAA’s findings and even took shots at those who discredited her alleged claims in the 2015 book.

She told English she wrote the book because of “money” and she was “surviving” and “making a living.”

Questions were asked about Coach Rick Pitino’s knowledge of the alleged parties happening at Billy Minardi Hall when former basketball director of operations Andre McGee was in charge.

“A blind man – you’re not gonna get anything past a blind man for four years, that’s all I’mma say. A blind man is even gonna know when [expletive] stinks. It smells bad, something’s not right. If you say you didn’t know, you didn’t know,” she said.

Powell maintains that she is remorseful and didn’t know the magnitude of what her book caused for the University.

“Honestly, its days I feel really bad. People can say what they want, they don’t have to believe me – you don’t live with me. I mean it’s times I do feel really bad. I did not know this much was going to happen. I didn’t and I’m sorry. I’m just being honest. I did not know this much was going to happen. I just told a story – whether it brought light to the situation for people to know what their kids were going through,” she said.

English questioned Powell about how her book may have caused hurt to players, particularly Trey Lewis and Damion Lee, both then senior transfers who decided to play ball at U of L for their final season. Both had their post-season dreams crushed when the University did an imposed ban after allegations of the book surfaced.

Powell says she apologized to both “numerous times” but says Pitino “threw them under the bus.” She believes Pitino could have sat out and allowed them to do their thing.

Powell also says she has been approached about a possible movie deal and a follow-up to Breaking Cardinal Rules.

The incidents with the book have caused plenty of headache for the University including a 5-game ACC suspension for Pitino, a four-year probationary period, a loss of four scholarships, and recruits on unofficial visits not being able to stay overnight in campus dorms or on school-owned properties.

WHAS11 has not decided to share the interview due to its graphic nature.

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