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Buzzworthy | Louisville teen's love for beekeeping aids in mental health journey

Beeing2gether LLC teaches the community about the importance of bees, nature and mental health.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Fifteen-year-old Keith Griffith III is like every other teenage boy – he does well in school and has a love for basketball.

One thing that makes him unique and special is his affinity for bees.

Kenneth said his love eventually evolved into beekeeping and it was a way for him to reconnect with nature while focusing on his mental health.

At a young age, Keith and his parents were separated for quite some time while they were incarcerated.

“I was learning this pretty quick and I ended up tying it together with mental health because it could take my mind off of all the bad stuff I was dealing with – bad things in my life,” he said. “Now, everything is fine now, but when I was 11, I was living with my grandma and uncles and stuff.”

Beekeeping became a creative outlet for Keith to address the growing problem of mental health battles many youth experience today. He said it’s fun, but it also keeps him on his toes.

It led him to create Beeing2gether LLC, where he produces raw honey but has mission of helping people and the community grow.

Credit: WHAS-TV
Keith Griffith III

"How we got the name is we're ‘being together’ with the bees also just tightening in the little stuff – made it a little cornier," Keith jokingly says. "But what we're trying to do is help save the bees and teach stuff and have fun."

He also raises and breeds honeybees. Beeing2gether LLC also partners with local beekeepers and farmers to provide raw honey made in Kentucky.

Keith and his family are all back together helping him achieve his dreams by delivering products at local store like Blue Dog.

“He’s always in here,” Rebecca King with Blue Dog said. “We always get great newsletters and utilize great information – not only about the beekeeping and the honey tips and fun facts, but also the mental health aspect as well. It’s great seeing him growing that in his business.”

Credit: Keith Griffith III
Keith Griffith III checks on a colony of bees.

Keith also published a 2019 book “Honey Bees & Beekeeping: A Mental Health Miracle” where he further discusses his personal mental health journey using beekeeping.

He’s hoping his passion for beekeeping, nature and mental health will create a lasting impact throughout the community.

"I like it and I want to keep on doing it."

Keith also recently announced his new goal for this year -- rooftop beehives in the city. 

Louisville, KY Roof Top Beehives! My new journey for 2022, Follow, Like and Share 🐝 #rooftopbeehives #beeing2gether

Posted by Beeing2gether LLC on Monday, February 28, 2022

You can find out more about Beeing2gether and their raw honey by visiting the website or their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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