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Andy Beshear says he would scrap the current Kentucky Board of Education his first day in office

The Democratic candidate for governor talks more about his plan for public education.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- If elected, Andy Beshear says he would appoint a new Kentucky Board of Education on his first day in office.

“I would appoint a new Board of Education on day one that cares more about our kids than for-profit charter school companies and I would hope that that board would have the sense to select a new commissioner on day two,” said Andy Beshear, Democratic candidate for Kentucky governor.

The comment came as Attorney General Beshear and his running mate Jacqueline Coleman announced more of their plans for public education.

When asked about whether he was concerned that 70 percent of Kentucky's so-called “CSI” schools are in JCPS, General Beshear responded, “I’m concerned any time a school is underperforming and may not be serving all of its students, but Jefferson County needs an ally, not an adversary. Matt Bevin attacks, we’re going to help and that’s going to help every Kentucky student, especially those in Jefferson County.”

That comment targeted Governor Matt Bevin and comments he's made about public educators during the pension reform fight.

The Beshear-Coleman ticket arrived at Frankfort High School on a school bus with about 30 supporters.

Frankfort High is on the Commissioner's List for having a spike in improved test scores and transition readiness.

This campaign event was to highlight their stances on reducing class size, teacher pay raises and early childhood education.

Andy Beshear said he wants expanded pre-kindergarten. When asked whether he would institute full-day kindergarten as some, including Dr. Lewis, have suggested should be a first step, Beshear said the districts he's spoken with say they'd pick up the cost of pre-k if there was additional funding for full-day kindergarten.

He also reiterated his stance that any state budget he'd sign must prioritize education funding first and that he wants to consider expanded gaming and medical marijuana as potential added revenue streams.

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