LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – He’s bigger from when we last saw him and boy are we ever seeing him now!

Two separate trail cameras, hidden far apart inside Bernheim Forest, snapped close up pictures of the Bernheim Bear on Sep. 29. One photo shows a scar on his nose.

The Bernheim Bear was first spotted by a visitor to the forest on July 17 but, he had not been seen since then.

The close ups show him with a beautiful, healthy coat. It’s evidence that he likes his new home.

Dr. Mark Wourms, the Executive Director of Bernheim, told WHAS11 NEWS, “He looks healthy, and the scar on his nose will allow us to identify him in future photographs.“

Visitors to Bernheim have been asking where he is, and Wourms says they want him to stay.

“This is a wonderful surprise and demonstrates the high-quality habitat; food, water and large forest blocks that Bernheim offers,” he said.