LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Parents, it's time to break out the immunization records.

Before your child heads back to school in the summer, they'll need to show proof they've received two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine. This is part of a new Kentucky state mandate which will take effect for the 2018/19 school year.

The good news is most of your kids likely received them when they were babies, but it may not have been listed on the older immunization charts.

"They should've gotten it at the 12 and 18 month visit. Since schools didn't require it, a lot of times, Hep A wasn't listed on the immunization form. So, if parents have questions if your child's received it, they just need to touch base with us and it's very easy for us to look it up," Dr. Marcie Perez, a pediatrician at Norton Children's Medical Associates - Poplar Level said.

All you'll need to do is have your pediatrician print off a new form and bring it to school.

If your student hasn't received a Hep A vaccine, it's important to get it now. The two doses need to be given at least six months apart, and the last dose needs to be given before July 1 of next year.

The second new state requirement is only for students 16 and older. They must have received two doses of Meningococcal vaccine which provides protection against serious infections like Meningitis.

Will Kentucky’s new vaccine requirements affect your child? Check the requirements here.