Call is a sign of the times. The hour drive to Frankfort is one Pam Shofner-Daniels would rather not have to take, but it's one she hopes catches the attention of state lawmakers.

"We are going baby steps. Whatever it takes to get this taken care of," she said.

She and other animal rights advocates plan to use the front steps of the capitol to call on animal welfare reform - stricter abuse laws throughout the state, which is known for being the laxest for cruelty legislation.

One bill under consideration would create an online registry for animal abusers - named Arrow's law - after a Jack Russell Terrier died after being found on Shofner-Daniels' street last year with an arrow pierced through its body.

"I am going to talk about Arrow. I am going to talk about this little dog here that was found with an arrow all the way plunged through his body. How horrible was that?" Shofner-Daniels told WHAS11.

Another bill would strengthen the penalty for those convicted of animal abuse and who also threatened, harassed or terrorized a family member linking animal abuse and domestic violence. Bill sponsor and State Representative Walker Thomas is gaining support and co-sponsors.

"We are picking up co-sponsors every day and leadership in both sides - House and Senate - will see this is an important issue for the people of Kentucky," Rep. Thomas said.

The issue is also a rallying cry for Shofner-Daniels who has three dogs of her own - one a rescue. She's urging any and all animal lovers to join her in Frankfort by holding convicted animal abusers more accountable.

"I would drive much further if need be to make sure this stops," she says.

The rally is planned for Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 1:30pm on the bottom steps of the capitol building.

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