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Pro-choice demonstrators hold Louisville rally rejecting leaked SCOTUS draft

While the court investigates how the document was leaked, the draft has led to protests from both sides in the emotional debate surrounding abortion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Supreme Court has confirmed a leaked draft regarding overturning Roe v Wade is real and it's sending outcries across the country and in Louisville.

While the court investigates how the document was leaked, the draft has led to protests from both sides in the emotional debate.

In Louisville, a pro-choice group protested in downtown Louisville. They started on the corner of 6th and Jefferson and then marched to the federal courthouse about a mile away.

Protesters wanted to make their message clear: they want abortion to remain legal and they are disappointed with the leaked SCOTUS draft.

There were dozens of supportive honks as the group chanted; they carried signs with various messages such as ‘my body, my choice.

"Yes, we're in Kentucky. Yes, we're in a red state, but we really believe abortion is a right everyone should have,” Janes Jones, one of the protesters, said.

Jones said she volunteers with the Kentucky Health Justice Network and Planned Parenthood and sees the impact of the possible decision.

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"People who can afford it have always been able to get medical abortions, and people who cannot afford it will seek extreme means,” she said.

Amber Garbey is a Louisville mother of two; she said it'll be hard to explain to her 11-year-old daughter.

"Unfortunately needs to understand that some of these things, conversations on how the world works is coming,” Garbey said. “It sucks. You can't just be a girl in the world."

She also calls on men to protest; only a few were in the crowd Tuesday. Adam Flora was there to support his wife.

"We all have mothers, we all have daughters, sisters. We all have a woman in our life and we need to normalize those conversations about abortions,” Flora said.

Addia Wuchner, executive director of Kentucky Right to Life, a pro-life group, said she was shocked about the leak.

"I think it's quite devastating to think someone who's been trusted to serve in that position for the justices would breach that confidence,” she said.

Thus, she said she's holding off on celebrations for now.

"I want to respect the courts and I really want to not get ahead out ourselves,” Wuchner said.

She said she'll continue to push for House Bill 3, a Kentucky abortion law temporarily blocked by a federal judge.

That law effectively ended abortion in the state for more than a week. Now, it is legal to get the procedure.

Both sides protested that law in downtown Louisville, and people who protested Tuesday hinted at continued demonstrations throughout the week.


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