LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – They are putting up the lights and checking the sound system. It could be part of the setup for Beyoncé’s show or even a Likin Bridge performance. They're not performing, but a show at the Newburg Boy and Girls Club in Louisville could inspire children just like those big names. The children watching the 1200 Tour probably haven't seen anything like it.

The man, who takes center stage, Jecorey “1200” Arthur uses music to change a child's life. Arthur inspires children by performing music and then helping them create a song.

Children at Boys and Girls Clubs in Louisville are learning everything from songwriting to rapping, deejaying, audio production and visual production.

Newburg Boys and Girls Club member Antonio Dennis likes learning about instruments.

“I like playing the drums because when you bang on the drums, it lets you feel out what you like, and how you beat the drum makes you feel like how you let your feelings go. It makes you feel like moving, like the waves,” Dennis said.

Arthur says music forces kids to think creatively.

“So if we can help them stimulate their mind through the arts it can reach any other subject science, math, history, and beyond,” Arthur said.

He says music motivated him to go to school and stay out of trouble.

“I grew up in West Louisville and kind of moved all throughout the city. I found music at a very early age and that's all I really cared about that's all I wanted to do,” Arthur said.

The 1200 Tour is heading to the Parkland Boys and Girls Club Friday morning at 10.

The camp is free for kids thanks to being sponsored by AMPED, the Academy of Music

Production Education and Development.

A group from each Boys and Girls Club participating in the camp will perform with Jecorey during Old Louisville Live at Central Park on August 19.

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