LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – One person is dead after being hit by a train just north of the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center Saturday.

According to police, a person was on the tracks near Mayfield Avenue and Crittenden Drive when they were hit by a CSX train around 4:30 p.m.

Police said the person died at the scene, but don't suspect any foul play. WHAS11 spoke to a lady named Diana Lush who works next door at PRP Pizza.

Lush said it's common to see trains pass through here several times a day, but she never sees people walking on or near the tracks. She was driving to work when she got stopped by the train on the other side of the intersection. Lush said she heard the train blowing its whistle as it came through the intersection, which she said it always does.

"The train stops was coming down and the train started coming through, and I was the first one there and it didn't go very far down, just maybe 70 feet, 70 or 80 feet. It stopped, and it came to a complete stop. I sat there and waited for it to back up or do whatever it was going to do, and I saw a guy get out of the front car where the motor is and was looking underneath the cars and stuff. Then a few minutes later, an ambulance pulled up, so I knew something bad had happened," Lush said. "I can't imagine somebody walking on the tracks though in broad daylight and get hit by a train or something, it's sad."

The victim's gender, age, or name haven't been released.