NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) – A parent's worst nightmare; suspicion that your child is doing drugs, but don't know how to approach them. 

"I started smelling the smell of pot in my house and I didn't want to just go through routing for her room, tearing it apart, and just losing my cool about it," a New Albany father said, who chose to remain anonymous.

So he called TLC K-9 Services to sniff out the concerns. 

Appropriately named ‘The Last Chance' it's designed to help children and teenagers stop abusing drugs before facing charges or seeing the inside of a jail cell. 

"I noticed, ya know, her behavior started changing a little bit and I was worried."

His daughter is a straight A student, but this father acting on his parental instincts, and within minutes the K-9 zeroed in on one particular area.

"This is indication that there are drugs in this room sir," TLC's Michael Davis said during the search.

The program is completely confidential. When something is found, there are no police, no charges, no questions asked; just a starting point for a conversation on where to go from here.

"We want to show the parents how to deal with the issue, that a lot of parents don't know how to deal with the issues."

And addressing those issues privately.

"To where it is in the home, there are no more secrets, and we're going to deal with it as a family."

The cost is $99.00.  For more information, go to: