Caviar was once reserved for royalty, but today it's much easier to access. This specialty won't come cheap, though, so here are a few ways that you can get your money's worth.

How do you eat caviar?

Caviar is something that should be savored, not devoured. First and foremost, you don't really chew caviar. Food and Wine Magazine spoke to Christopher Klapp, who works for a caviar brand that has been around for nearly a century, to break some common caviar myths. He says that you should use your tongue, not your teeth, to feel the texture of the beads.

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When you press the caviar against the roof of your mouth, it should pop, so there's no need to chew. Klapp also says that you should never eat caviar off of a metal spoon, even though that's how the dish is typically depicted. Caviar is incredibly delicate and will take on the taste of the metal and could ruin the experience.

If you want to appreciate the true taste of caviar, just eat it as is. If you want to get fancy and impress your party guests, you can serve it with blinis (small Russian pancakes), eggs, or minced onion. Pair the caviar with straight vodka or dry champagne - the sharp alcohol will act as a palate cleanser. 

Lastly, you don't cook caviar. You can use it as a garnish for certain dishes, but the heat will destroy the flavor and texture of the eggs. Food Network has an assortment of recipes including caviar online.

How do you store caviar?

You will generally use caviar in very small quantities and you don't want the leftovers to go to waste. You can store caviar in the refrigerator or freezer but keep it away from anything that may have a strong odor.

David Fields, owner and operator of America's Best Caviar in Grand Rivers, KY, explained that the thin membrane around each bead of caviar can easily pick up additional flavors that may be lingering in your fridge.

Caviar will typically last up to 6 weeks when stored properly, but Fields says that it starts to lose its prime flavor after about two weeks. It's not something you'll want to leave in your fridge for months at a time.

Where can you buy caviar?

Caviar comes in several varieties and can vary in cost depending on who's selling it and what kind of fish it comes from. For example, sturgeon caviar is generally the highest quality, so it will be the most expensive. Salmon roe, sometimes called red caviar, is less pricey, but you'll miss out on the true caviar experience. Food and Wine has some tips on how to get the kind of caviar you want without spending a fortune.

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Want to learn more about the caviar produced in western Kentucky? Check out our interview with David Fields here

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