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She used internet sites to connect with men. Then she met them & robbed them.

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“Don't trust people you meet on the Internet."

Every two minutes, someone is robbed, according to the FBI.

Cyber crimes are among the fast-growing sector.

Emma Haumesser said she used internet sites to connect with men and then robbed them as soon as they met in person.

She's serving a 10-year sentence at the Casey County Detention Center in Kentucky after being arrested in Cincinnati for first-degree robbery and other charges.

 Haumesser said she usually made off with about $250 each time.

“I would just take their money and have someone with me to protect me and get away,” she said.

Credit: Atticus

From behind bars, Haumesser gave advice on what her victims did to fall for her trick.

“It's not good to meet strangers online and especially being alone, you don't have anyone there to help you or protect you if something goes wrong,” she said.

If you're connecting with someone from a dating app, always meet in a familiar place. You’re more protected if you meet somewhere public, like a busy coffee shop.  It's OK to ask a friend to tag along and monitor your meet up from out of sight as a safety net.

If that's not for you, you can go into your iPhone contacts list and choose the "Send My Location" option to link up to a friend. This will track where you go.  

Haumesser told us she’d lure some of her victims into her car after they went to an ATM.

“I just wouldn't get in anybody's car that you don't know,” Haumesser said.

Safety experts advise to always drive yourself or call an Uber or Lyft.

Similar tips apply if you're buying something off Facebook or a secondhand clothing app. If money is changing hands, never carry cash. Use transfer services like Venmo or PayPal instead. 

Haumesser always targeted her victims when they arrived alone.

“If you meet someone online, meet him in a public place have a friend with you and make sure your friend knows where you're at,” she cautioned.

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She used internet sites to connect with men. Then she met them & robbed them.