FRANKFORT, Ky. — In December of 2018, we introduced you to our series Stressed Into Silence, where we explored the effects of PTSD on our first responders.

We shared heartfelt stories from fire, EMS, police, and 911 dispatchers, as well as their families. The men and women who came forward exposed themselves at their most vulnerable, some opening up about experiences that they had kept locked away for years.

They broke their silence – and you listened.

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After that series aired you responded with an outpouring of support – through emails, Facebook messages, tweets, and more - wanting us to keep the conversation going.

So, we are. Because this story – their story – is not over.

Right now, Kentucky lawmakers are hoping to push legislation forward that would provide more protections to our first responders. Police, firefighters, and EMS workers are not currently eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer a mental injury such as PTSD that isn’t accompanied by a physical injury.

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If they’re struggling, and are willing to get help, their resources are limited.

If this bill is not passed during this legislative session, our first responders will have to wait until at least 2020 to get the protections they deserve. It is up to us to make the importance of this legislation known, and we can do that by contacting our lawmakers and asking them to move this bill forward.

Our time for talk is over.

Now it’s time to act.

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