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Shay McAlister talks 'Tiger King 2,' answers your questions about the Netflix hit

Shay McAlister answered questions about safety, getting interviewed and dealing with personal attacks after appearing in the second season of Tiger King.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The NETFLIX documentary series 'Tiger King 2' was released two weeks ago and has already been seen in millions of households across the globe. 

What was it like working with the NETFLIX team? Shay McAlister is answering questions. 

Q: "Why did Netflix contact you about Tiger King? What was your involvement with Tiger King show?"

 A: My journey with NETFLIX started early last year, when the director of 'Tiger King', Eric Goode, reached out and asked for an interview about my investigation. The series was released less than a month after my investigation and Tim Stark was featured in the series. Producers later told me, they were instructed by NETFLIX to keep filming because the show was doing so well. 

Q: "Did it feel weird to be the one being interviewed instead of doing the interviewing?"

A: Yes! It was weird but I've worked on this story for so long and know so much about it, it was easy to answer questions.

Q: "How did you deal with the insults and personal attacks against you?"

A: The truth is... while personal in nature, I didn't let those attacks feel personal to me. I was there to do my job and that's what I did. I'm an investigative journalist, I'm not going to make everyone happy and that's not why I do it. I do it to make our community better. 

Q: "Is it hard to separate the business and personal, or can you completely leave work at the office? Specifically Tim’s disrespect and stories like Crystal’s which tug at the heart strings."

A:  Everyday I do my best to do right by people and be true to myself. If I accomplish those two things, I can leave work and feel confident about what happened there. 

Q: "Was it actually crazy or was it all just for the cameras?"

A: I can only speak for the parts of the show that I was there for but I can tell you what I lived through and what you saw on NETFLIX was the same. It seems dramatic because it was dramatic. 

Q: "Did you ever fear for your life while covering the story?"

A: Safety has always been a top priority for me and my team. We talked through every situation and had security precautions in place during filming, and still do today.

Q: "Are there updates on what has happened with the animals or the people?"

A: Since the NETFLIX cameras stopped rolling a lot has happened. Tim Stark auctioned off his property and everything that was left at Wildlife in Need. He also missed a court date recently and was found in contempt of court. At the time, he was posting on social media from a casino in Oklahoma.  

Q: "How do I watch?"

A: You can see my interviews and work in episodes four and five on NETFLIX's 'Tiger King 2'.

You can also contact Shay McAlister at smcalister@whas11.com and follow her on Twitter.