LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- They are big, dangerous and here to stay.

Asian Carp in Kentuckiana waterways, including the Ohio River, have been known to fly around, throwing their weight around.

That’s broken bones and knocked out teeth for boaters.

The threat to our aquatic ecosystem is even more widespread.

While commercial carp fishermen here do what they can to pull out as many of the invasive species as they can, the feds are trying desperately to keep them from getting into the Great Lakes.

Monday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a draft proposal to help defend the Great Lakes and its $7 billion fishing industry.

The agency proposes to block carp at the Brandon Road Lock & Dam on the Des Plaines River in Illinois.
After the lock and dam, there are several outlets to Lake Michigan.Ideas include setting up an electrified barrier at the mouth of an engineered channel to stun the fish, as well as blasting underwater noise in the channel and installing water jets at the bottom of the channel to flush out small and stunned carp which may have found recesses in barges.The Army Corps of Engineers says it plans to hold several public hearings.Once appropriations come through for the project, construction at the dam is not expected to start for several years.