LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Having taken an oath to lead the city of Louisville, Mayor Greg Fischer on Monday was under oath, giving a deposition as part of an ongoing civil lawsuit against the city's police department.

Video of Fischer's deposition was provided to the WHAS11 News i-Team by Louisville attorney Thomas Clay, who represents Metro Police Lt. Jimmy Harper in the whistleblower litigation. Harper claims he was demoted unfairly in retaliation for his criticism of department leadership.

In the video, Clay, who is off-camera, can be heard asking the mayor about Harper's demotion and possible reasons behind it. But the conversation turned to the police explorer's program, which is currently under investigation.

Two former officers, Kenneth Betts and Brandon Wood, were indicted earlier this year on sex crime charges after former explorers reported cases of abuse by the men.

In a separate civil suit, the accusers – who are former explorers – claim several explorers were abused and police officials were involved in a cover-up because Betts quit while he was under internal investigation. The investigation was closed after he left the department.

"Do you believe that there are other individuals who are involved in the Explorers program who are suspects in illegal sexual activity with Explorer participants?" Clay asked Fischer.

"I hope not," Fischer quickly replied, "But if there are, they need to be part of the investigation. " Fischer also said he was not aware if there were additional suspects.

Clay also focused his question on Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad.

"Do you understand that Chief Conrad might be implicated in this Explorers investigation?" Fischer was asked, to which he replied, "You're being very suggestive there, he's a member of the police department, so anybody that's involved with this in any way, in a way that violates any kind of laws, we're going to let the chips fall where they may. If that includes Chief Conrad, that includes Chief Conrad."

Fischer, seconds later, denied having information suggesting Conrad might be implicated.

Fischer also claimed to know very little about the progress of the current Explorers investigation being led by a former federal prosecutor whom the mayor appointed to investigate the former explorers' claims. Fischer said he had not been given a complete briefing."

Fischer also responded with a quick and firm, “Yes”, when asked if he still had confidence in Conrad.

When asked by the i-Team whether Conrad would be deposed, Clay, in an email, responded, "He's next."

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