LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The WHAS 11 I-team has uncovered new information about the man selected to fill former Councilman Dan Johnson's seat on Metro Council that even the members who voted him in did not know.

JCPS recently moved to terminate Lanshima from the district as a special education teacher.

WHAS11 caught up with Vitalis Lanshima this afternoon. We asked him why he is no longer working as special education teacher for JCPS.

“That is an issue before a legal body right now. I don't want to comment on that but those allegations are false,” Lanshima said.JCPS communications director told us that on October 24 Lanshima was advised of the district's intent to terminate his employment. Lanshima is appealing that decision.

“There’s a process we go through with JCTA,” Lanshima said.

Lanshima worked at Ramsey Middle School and said he's done nothing wrong.

WHAS11’s Renee Murphy asked, “Did Metro Council know about this? Did you inform them of this during the interview?”

“It's not something that was germane to the issues. It's not significant. It's not true. It's not something that I am worried about,” Lanshima responded.

He was voted into Louisville's Metro Council last night to fill a seat left empty after former Councilman Dan Johnson was removed from office. His removal came after sexual harassment allegations.

When WHAS11 told Metro Council President David Yates about the school district's intent to terminate Lanshima, he expressed concern.

Murphy asked,“As Metro Council president, is this information you would have liked to have known before the vote took place last night?”
“Absolutely,” Yates responded.Yates said he knew nothing of this. So, we showed him Lanshima's interview, telling us the district had let him go.

“While I am hoping these allegations are not true, they are obviously great concern and I think had I known, I would have had follow up questions,” Yates said.

Yates said applicants for the district seat did not have to disclose any prior terminations. The county attorney vetted the applicants to make sure they met the age requirement and lived within the district.

Yates said he will wait to see what comes of Lanshima's appeal.

“I want to be fair to Vitalis. So, I think it will be something that will have to play itself out,” Yates said.Lanshima believes he will be vindicated and said he is more than capable of serving the people of South Louisville.

We are not releasing the allegations against Lanshima because we don't have the investigative paperwork yet from JCPS. We have filed an open records request for that paperwork and are awaiting the district's response.