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Who is enforcing the rules? Thousands report non-compliance in Kentucky amid social distancing guidelines

Social distancing is only a recommendation, meaning it cannot be enforced. However, an executive orders can be enforced.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Tens of thousands have called into the Kentucky COVID-19 non-compliance hotline over the last few weeks. The complaints range from consignment shops staying open to house parties with more than ten people. 

The WHAS11 FOCUS team did some digging to find out who's responding to these calls and who is enforcing the rules.

Here's what happens when someone calls in a complaint:

There are two ways people call in complaints about non-compliance in metro Louisville. Some come in through Metro dispatch, others are called in through the Labor Cabinet's non-compliance hotline which was setup in early March.

Calls that come into the state's hotline are logged in a database. The labor cabinet said they conduct investigations into businesses based on the complaints.

When complaints are called into Metro Dispatch, they are separated into two categories- businesses, which are handled by the health department, and residential which are forwarded to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD).

According to the mayor's office, the health department has a process for dealing with the complaints. It includes contacting the business about the complaint and then sending inspectors to follow up.

Reports of residential complaints are a bit more complicated.

An LMPD spokesperson said, “Calls related to residential non-compliance are being forwarded daily from Metro Public Health and Wellness to LMPD through our unified command process. Division officers are reviewing those complaints and as they have time, making contact with people at those residences to advise them of the health requirements to social distance. We have not been able to make contact with everyone and some situations do not require follow up, depending on the circumstance of the call.”

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