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'Either I die, or he dies'; Kentuckiana police vow to protect kids during school shootings

Following the tragedy in Uvalde, four local agency leaders promise parents they will not make the same "mistakes."

Shay McAlister

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Published: 4:28 PM EDT August 11, 2022
Updated: 5:08 PM EDT August 11, 2022

Thousands of Kentuckiana students are now back in the classroom, just months after 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas were killed in theirs by an 18-year-old gunman. 

The scary reality is that active shooter situations could happen anywhere, but how would police respond if it happened here in Kentuckiana? 

"I think about all of the children we have to protect," Jeffersontown Chief Rick Sanders said. "I want parents to know we are doing everything possible to prepare."

Surveillance video and investigative reports released weeks after the Uvalde shooting revealed none of the 350 responding officers entered the classroom, where children were being killed, for 70 minutes. 

Some officers were on scene within three minutes of the first 911 call and approached the classroom, but retreated after gunman shot toward the door. 

"That's scary. But that's what we're paid to do and that's what we have to do," Sanders said. 

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