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FOCUS investigates customers’ complaints against a solar company

Customers spent thousands, waiting months for solar systems to generate power, some are still waiting. Read the company's response and the full FOCUS investigation.

John Charlton, Andrea Ash

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Published: 6:36 PM EDT May 19, 2022
Updated: 3:29 PM EDT July 13, 2022

It’s not all sunshine when it comes to solar energy.  

WHAS11's FOCUS investigative team started looking into one solar power company after joining a private group on social media where customers were throwing shade. There were posts from people all over Kentucky and several other states.

“We do have a perfect location,” Tim Morrow explained to FOCUS. His house sits atop a hill in Taylorsville. “As far as getting sun from sunup to sundown and no shade.”

Morrow and his wife are public school teachers with retirement in sight. This solar panel system was supposed to offset their electric bill -- at least that's what Morrow said Solar Titan USA sold him on.

In December 2021, Morrow financed $57,000 for a 12-kilowatt solar panel system, and about a month later installation was underway. 

“It's on the roof," he told FOCUS investigators. "They were very quick about getting them on the roof."

Fast forward to April 1, 2022 and Morrow said his system still wasn’t producing power. The Morrows were stuck with a nearly $300 loan payment on top of an electric bill that was almost $300.

“They've basically done everything illegally here,” Morrow explained. “They never got the permit before they started it, they guaranteed me, 'Yes, we had the permits, you need to let the people on your property to work because we had the permits.'"

A Spencer County inspector confirmed to FOCUS that the required permits were not pulled prior to the installation is started.

In an email statement, Solar Titan USA explained, in part, “Our policy is to pull ALL required permits PRIOR to installation. We have had some personnel challenges in some of our Kentucky areas that we have now addressed...

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