LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Fireworks that shoot up into the sky and go boom are illegal in Kentucky, but all it takes is a quick drive across the river to Indiana and you can buy those types of fireworks.

It's probably why the Fourth of July is an extended celebration in the Louisville area and efforts to enforce the law are a dud.

If you missed the show at Waterfront Park on the Fourth of July, there's a good chance you got to see an encore July 5-7.

It might even be happening in your own backyard or at least close to it.

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For example, at a subdivision in East Louisville, the fireworks were not only illegal they were set off right in the middle of the neighborhood street. The houses in this neighborhood are right next to each other.

It went on for more than an hour, with an impressive grand finale.

Post holiday fireworks are nothing new in our area but complaints continue to be called into 911 and the city’s non-emergency line.

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FOCUS requested those numbers from Metro Emergency Services for July 4-7.

Of the 6,203 calls over that four-day span, only about 8 percent involved fireworks. Of those 505 calls, the record states that only 31 percent of them involved an officer actually responding to the complaint--even though, again, these fireworks are illegal.

LMPD made no arrests and handed out zero tickets.

Meanwhile, the Louisville Fire Department Arson Squad told FOCUS they also did not fine, ticket or arrest anyone during the Fourth of July and the days after.

Fireworks are explosives and therefore they are dangerous. On the Fourth of July Metro EMS responded to at least two emergency calls with injuries.

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