(NEWS RELEASE) -- With the effects of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding in Texas, many people are opening their hearts and wallets to try to help the victims in the area. Unfortunately, events like these provide an opportunity for scammers.

Before you give, Better Business Bureau provides the following tips for disaster relief giving:

Don’t fall for copy-cats. Double-check the name of charities. A fraudster may use a copy-cat name that is similar to a reputable organization.

Be wary of emails and social media. If you receive an email or see a social media post that link to a relief organization, beware. Scammers may provide links to fake websites. It is always best to go straight to the charity’s website instead.

Don’t provide personal information. Charities may ask for some of your information, like your name or mailing address. But if you run across someone that asks for your social security number or requires a copy of your driver’s license, stay away! This could be an attempt at identity theft.

Do your research. Visit give.org to see the charity’s BBB Charity Report and to verify that a charity meets BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.

High pressure tactics. Don’t feel pressured to give immediately. A charity will be happy to accept your donation today or tomorrow or next week…after you’ve had time to do your research.

For more tips or information, visit give.org or call 800.388.2222.