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Judge grants grand jurors in Breonna Taylor case permission to speak publicly about proceedings, AG will not appeal

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron released a statement saying he disagrees with the judge's decision but will not appeal it.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Annie O'Connell has granted an anonymous grand juror's request to speak publicly about the grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.

The grand juror will remain anonymous unless they choose to identify themselves. Judge O'Connell's order says it gives grand jurors the option to come forward if they choose but "it is not intended to coerce, compel or even encourage" them to do so.

The court urged grand jurors to use "extreme caution" if they chose to disclose their identities due to potential public attention and scrutiny.

Attorney Kevin Glogower released a written statement on behalf of his client, anonymous grand juror #1, which claims the jury never deliberated about homicide or other charges against the police officers in the Breonna Taylor case because they were never given the chance. 

"Trying to help the community gain some understanding here on what really happened during the grand jury's proceedings but at this time our clients do wish to remain anonymous we are still assessing their position moving forward and obviously we will monitor any steps that are taken or actions by the attorney general's office," Glogower said.

Glogower said his client will hold off on speaking publicly for now to make sure they are comfortable. 

Judge O'Connell's order says allowing the grand juror speak would not deter witnesses from coming forward in the future. It says in part,"...there is little concern that releasing the remaining undisclosed grand jury proceedings would create that effect. Rather, it is more likely that the already highly public nature of this matter (generated in part by the Attorney General’s own press releases, interviews and press conferences), and not the release of grand jury proceedings, would have that consequence."

O’Connell also ruled for any information that was not included in the grand jury recordings to be released.

Read the judge's full order below:

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron previously filed two motions to keep the anonymous grand juror from speaking publicly. Judge O'Connell denied his request. One of those denied motions included a "stay" of her order, if she allowed the grand juror to talk, to give him time to appeal.

Today, Cameron released a statement saying he disagrees with the judge's decision but will not appeal it. He said in part,"I remain confident in our presentation to the Grand Jury, and I stand by the team of lawyers and investigators who dedicated months to this case."

Attorney Ben Crump and co-counsels Sam Aguiar and Lonita Baker represent Breonna Taylor's family and released the following statement:

“We now know what we suspected: Attorney General Daniel Cameron took the decision out of the grand jury’s hands. They didn’t allow the grand jury to do what the law says they have the right to do. This failure rests squarely on the shoulders of Daniel Cameron. He then brought Tamika Palmer in and lied to her, placing the result on the grand jury. Only because a brave member of that grand jury asked for permission to issue a statement and Judge O’Connell ruled on the side of transparency do we have this confirmation of AG Cameron’s dereliction of duties. The grand juror made it clear that jurors did not agree that certain actions by the police were justified and did not decide that wanton endangerment should be the only charges brought. AG Cameron did not explain homicide offenses to the grand jury and did not give the grand jury an opportunity to deliberate on those charges. It is a despicable miscarriage of justice that is disrespectful to the life of Breonna Taylor that AG Cameron white washed what his office presented to the grand jury.

We urge the appointment of a new independent prosecutor to do the work AG Cameron failed to do and seek justice for Breonna Taylor.”

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