LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This year in the United States more than 300,000 people will get an artificial hip, and now one Louisville doctor gets his patients in and out of surgery and home again in just one day.

It's a new benefit to an older surgery that has put a well-known local football coach back in the game again.

Trinity High School football coach Bob Beatty has logged many miles on the sidelines of the football field, but last season every step brought terrible pain.

The pain was particularly intense when the Shamrocks took on their arch rival St. Xavier.

After the win, Beatty tried to mask his agony.

"I had to put on a facade to the kids that everything was OK and all I wanted to do was get home and sit down."

Soon, the Trinity team will be out on the football field again and Beatty will be right there with them, pain free.

His ailing hip was replaced in just one day.

“I had surgery at 8 that morning. I probably walked down the hall at about 3:45 and in the car ready to go home at 4:20,” Beatty said.

The "anterior-approach” surgery has been done for some time, but for the past 7 months some Louisville patients undergoing that surgery have started going home the same day.

Dr. Jonathan Yerasimides, with Norton Health Orthopedic Specialists says, “The incision is about 4 inches long, almost where a pant pocket would be.”

Yerasimides does 850 hip replacements each year and he says cutting into the hip from the side rather than through the buttocks, which is the traditional approach, has made for a speedier recovery.

"This pain is much less, the recovery is much faster. Still, a major surgery but it doesn't have to take out a major chunk of your life in recovery. We haven't had anyone bounce back to an emergency room in the whole 7 months.”

But one group of patients doesn't go home in one day even if they qualify physically.

Yerasimides says Medicare will not pay for a surgery unless there's an overnight stay.

"I'm sure they are going to re-look at these rules because it's a waste of dollars to force somebody who could go home that day to stay in the hospital.”

But for patients like Coach Beatty, the one-day stay has him looking forward to the next season of celebrations.

“It's kind of been known there's been some dancing in the locker room after a win. So maybe I could get back to that.”

After the same-day surgery there are still weeks of rehab.

But Yerasimides says most patients are back in the gym after 6 weeks.

In the long run, he says the effectiveness of his surgery compared to more traditional methods is the same.