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Far from 'back to normal': Go inside the ICU as Indiana frontline medical workers continue the fight against COVID-19

13News got a rare look at what life and work is like for frontline health care workers as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hospitalize and kill Hoosiers.

Dustin Grove

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Published: 5:00 AM EDT November 3, 2021
Updated: 10:11 AM EDT November 4, 2021

More than a year and half into the COVID-19 pandemic, life has almost returned to normal for many of us.

Students are back in the classroom, sports fans are once again in the stands and people are planning holiday parties.

But one step inside the intensive care unit at your local hospital will show you why doctors and nurses are still more than just concerned about this virus.

They are, as one nurse put it, terrified.

13News got a rare, eye-opening look at what life is really like for our frontline health care workers and what they’re still facing.

“This is an actual look into what it's like,” said Molly Warren, a nurse inside the intensive care unit at Community Hospital South. “I cried a couple of times at work yesterday, and I cried all the way home.”

That’s because, more than 18 months after COVID-19 first appeared, it continues to dominate the ICU at Community Hospital South.

Community Health provided 13News with video that was taken over the span of about eight hours one day earlier this fall.

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