(ABC News) - The biggest night in Hollywood is almost here, and this year, the stars won't be the only ones attending blow-out Oscar bashes. Check out Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori tips for throwing a glamorous Oscars watch party for under $100.

The Tips

1. DIY table runner: Take photos of famous Oscar nominees and stills from nominated films, and glue them together for a fabulous table runner.

Bergamotto reminded that people should use different sizes of paper to give the runner depth and texture.

2. Oscar-themed snacks: Bergamotto suggested easy finger foods with a twist.

“Food is actually really simple. The thing you want to remember is that people are coming to your party to watch the Oscars, and of course to see you, so don’t worry about gourmet, really expensive food. Have some fun finger food ready to serve,” she said. “And the way you can do that is to tap in to the Oscar nominees and do a little play on the menu.”

FOOD: "The Shape of Water" deviled eggs, "Phantom Thread" stuffed mushroom caps and "The Greatest Showman" popcorn, cotton candy or peanuts.

DRINKS: "Get Out" sweet/iced tea and "Coco" Mexican hot chocolate.

3. DIY photo booth: Bring the red carpet into your own home with Bergamotto’s next tip, which creates a booth out of a gold curtain.

“If you go to a fancy party, photo booths are all the rage. They are also really expensive, however when you DIY -- we got a very fancy gold curtain at a party supply store for ten bucks,” she said, adding that people can use old Halloween costume props, such as feather boas or satin gloves, to intensify the booth's festive appeal.

4. A popcorn bar: What’s a movie night without the staple movie-watching snack? Bergamotto said creating your own popcorn bar can be really simple.

“We went to the party supply store, we got little popcorn canisters, used card stock and just glued on a little glittery bow tie. All of that cost about $7, and then we got three different types of popcorn: cheddar, caramel and traditional popcorn,” she said. “All of this is under $12, it is a really fun thing to grab, go sit on the couch and tune in to the big night.”

This article was originally published in 2016 by ABC News. It has been updated by WHAS11 staff.