LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The newest Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken is Colonel RoboCop.  

Colonel Robocop is tasked with protecting KFC’s secret recipe and starting on Feb. 24 he will be appearing in a series of ads promoting the fried chicken company’s four varieties of its famous $20 Fill Up and its $5 Fill Up.

KFC’s secret recipe is arguably the world’s best kept trade secret. Since 1970, the original secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices is carefully guarded at KFC headquarters. Invented by KFC Founder Colonel Harland Sanders, and perfected in 1940 after years of experimentation, the finger lickin’ good secret recipe, which blends the iconic 11 herbs and spices, is the crown jewel for the company.

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While the original secret recipe is still housed at the KFC headquarters, a second, triple-encrypted digital copy was created, transported and is now stored at Bahnhof’s data center, a former nuclear bunker named Pionen, to ensure the delicious national treasure lives on forever, should anything ever happen to the original.

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