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Teachers in Louisville using Chat GPT, artificial intelligence tools in the classroom

Programs like Chat GPT are becoming more prevalent which is prompting concerns about how they can and should be used in the classroom.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Artificial intelligence is here. Programs like Chat GPT have offered users the ability to use a machine to give them real-time responses to all sorts of prompts.

They can be as simple as a yes or no question, to having the AI write you an entire research paper.

Needless to say, that has stirred up some concerns, especially when it comes to the classroom.

“Students will know about it, you know, you can't hide it. You can't block it. There's really no way to. You know, you can block it from the network,” Emir Dizdarevic said.

Dizdarevic is a teacher at Atherton High School. He says he's had a hands-on look at how AI has developed over the last 20 years, from simple chat bots to the learning models that we see now with Chat GPT.

Those kinds of advancements have made it easier to find and create information, which is something that students and teachers have grappled with in the last decade.

Dizdarevic says that there are concerns about bringing something as powerful as Chat GPT into the classroom, but he views this as an opportunity for advancing learning.

"There's definitely concerns but educating people about what these programs or models can do and what they're good with, what they're not good with. And the more people are knowledgeable about it, I think it's better for not just education, just society,” Dizdarevic said.

The example Dizdarevic is setting is a perfect representation of how helpful Chat GPT can be.

He says that he’s used the program to help make lessons plans, do research, and even redesign a course curriculum from scratch.

The key for students, though, is making sure that they are using the resource responsibly. Dizdarevic says this is just like any other classroom tool, in a sense.

“AI is not going to get you all the way there,” Dizdarevic said. “I urge them to use it for research, for example, but not to produce the artifact. Use it to generate ideas or, you know, evaluate their work, but not to just copy and paste.”

He says for the most part, the students in his class want to learn, and the reality is that Chat GPT is something that they will come across either during school or after school. In his mind, teaching responsible use is the best way to safeguard learning in the short term, and make his students as successful as possible in the long term.

“If you use it to cheat, you're just cheating yourself out of learning new skills and growing and you'll end up coming out without the necessary skills to be successful later,” said Dizdarevic.

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