SHELBY COUNTY, Ky. — For some Shelby County students, a snow day did not mean they did not see their teachers.

Shelby West Middle School teachers Mary Byard and Melissa Chesterfield were still required to go into work while their students enjoyed a "SnoGo" Thursday. As they arrived at school, they remembered their classes' motto, "Ka-Kou."

"No burden, no goal, no task or mission will be too great when we are all together," Chesterfield said describing "Ka-Kou."

Knowing that not every student would enjoy the day away from a free meal and warm building, the teachers decided to practice what they teach: work together to support students in need.

"We already know the burdens of our students," Byard said. "Let's meet some of those needs today."

The teachers started throwing out ideas, brainstorming the foods they would want if they were sitting around on a snow day. Out of their own pocket, and with some help from Facebook, the Sno-fairy godmothers started knocking on students' doors.

"Students were originally shocked to see us, because normally they see us in the classroom," Byard said.

The teachers delivered to 11 students and their families Wednesday, but they nearly tripled that number during their trip Thursday, giving out pizzas, sandwiches, drink and other snacks to not only their students, but other students in Shelby County.

Chesterfield teachers said the students loved the visit, and were excited to get snacks. And above all else, they remembered the message of Ka-Kou.

"We've become a family," Byard said. "We have to be in this together to be successful."