LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Kentucky Department of Education monitored eight JCPS elementary schools during Spring 2018 K-PREP testing. The schools include: Audubon Traditional Elementary, Coleridge- Taylor Elementary, Stopher Elementary, Brandeis Elementary, Greathouse Shryock Elementary, Stonestreet Elementary, Rangeland Elementary, and King Elementary.

The schools were flagged as having the highest potential for testing irregularities.

KDE staff then conducted further investigation into King Elementary, interviewing both students and staff about test taking practices. It found improper testing practices by King staff.

The report states students were reminded to check their work multiple times during tests, teachers or proctors flipped through test booklets and pointing out certain pages to students during the test, and comments that provided assistance or guidance to students responding to test items.

The report states one teacher at King Elementary yelled at a student during testing, "are you stupid or just can't speak English." That teacher, Joseph Dotson, has retired from the district according to JCPS spokeswoman Renee Murphy. 

In its report, KDE found 10 students with accommodated testing gained an unfair advantage from improper practices. The state is invalidating those students' scores. Although, Jessica Fletcher with KDE said those students will not have to re-take the test and will not be negatively impacted. 

JCPS said only six of the eight schools required more training. Greathouse and Stopher did not require more training.

KDE, in its report, found rule-breaking at six of the seven monitored schools. Those schools were found to have broken rules like teachers leaving test books unattended or inappropriately using cellphones during test times. One of those seven schools had higher testing scores but the report could not explain the reason for those scores.

Despite the testing anomalies outlined in the report, the state did not find widespread, deliberate test cheating in JCPS. 

JCPS spokeswoman Rennee Murphy said the following:

"These schools are submitting an action plan to address any test security and administration issues identified in the state report. Building assessment coordinators at all schools received 3-4 hours of training from the district regarding test administration. Additionally, in the fall, all building assessment coordinators are trained by the district using KDE materials on testing regulations and they then train their staff."

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