LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The walk-ins have begun in Jefferson County. More than 80 of them will take place at local schools in a show of support this week.

Teachers are upset by a possible freeze to their salaries and a change in the code of conduct for students. The walk-ins are a way to protest it.

Parents, teachers and even students will be standing in unity outside schools every morning, then walking in together to start the school day.

“We’re walking in, we're not walking out,“ Peggy Helm, a 7th grade teacher at Crosby Middle School, said.

One parent reacted to the atmosphere her children see every day.

“I've been in the classes and I've seen what's going on. My kids come home and they tell me stories and it's hard enough to teach as it is,” parent Michelle Bruner said.

A study, by JCPS, revealed that compared to other districts employees are being paid over the market value. One idea that is being floated is a pay freeze for the upcoming year for employees making over a certain amount

JCPS released this statement:
“We must work together to review the current salary structure in the district and develop a new Code of Conduct that is fair and provides clear expectations and consequences for behavior. The work is not done and there is no final recommendation."

JCPS teachers and the local union argue that to get the best teachers, you must pay them what they deserve.
“The salary schedule says they will be paid this amount next year. And to suggest that they are not going to honor that really puts innocent people in a bad situation." Brent McKim with JCTA said.

JCPA said it also wants to make student punishment uniform from school to school. Board member Linda Duncan said not having a consistent suspension policy could make parents and students feel unsafe.

“The Question always is how safe is your child? How will they feel if certain things are to happen and the offender is back in class the very next day?" Linda Duncan a School Board Member said.

The teachers union is encouraging all supporters to show up wearing red. They are also using the hastag #wearred4publiced.

Both issues will be discussed in the May 10 school board meeting.

Here is a list of walk-ins happening at other JCPS schools:

May 3

Breckinridge Franklin Elementary 8:00
Cochran Elementary 8:00
Dixie Elementary 8:00
Eastern High School 7:00
Hartstern Elementary 8:15
Middletown Elementary 8:45
Moore 7:00
Olmstead South 7:00
St. Matthews Elementary 4:15
Westport Middle 7:00

May 4

Atherton Jennifer Walker 7:00
Ballard High School 7:00
Butler Johnny Stribling 7:00 School Marquee
Camp Taylor Elementary 8:30
Fern Creek High School 7:00
Greenwood Elementary Tyra Walker 8:00
Jtown High School 6:45
Klondike Elementary 8:10
Lincoln Elementary TBA
Luhr Elementary 8:15
Medora Elementary 8:15
Meyzeek Middle School 7:00
Mill Creek Elementary 8:00
Olmstead North 2:30
PRP High School 6:45
Ramsey Middle School 7:00
Shacklette Elementary Carol Peace 8:00
Stone Street Elementary 8:00
Watson Lane Elemntary 8:15
Western Middle Robert Dixon
Wilkerson Elementary 8:00

May 5

Bates Elementary 8:30
Bloom Elementary 8:00
Blue Lick Elementary 8:00
Carter Elementary 8:00
Fern Creek Elementary Mary Wilson 8:15
Field Elementary Sarah Reed 8:45
Johnson Middle School 7:00
Knight Middle School / Blue Lick Elementary combined 6:45
Layne Elementary Zachary Bronger 8:20
McFerran Elementary 8:15
Noe Middle School 7:00
Roosevelt-Perry Elementary 8:15
Shelby Elementary 8:00
Western High School 6:45