LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The state's largest school district, of more than 100,000 students, has been under examination by the state of Kentucky for more than a year.

The Kentucky Department of Education has been working on an audit of Jefferson County Public Schools since February of 2017. But that audit could be coming to an end.

"I think everybody is ready to move forward. We've had this over us for more than a year and I think it’s difficult to plan when you don't know the direction that the state's going to take with you,” JCPS School Board Member Linda Duncan said.

Kentucky Education Department Interim Commissioner Wayne Lewis has plans to visit Louisville and watch the district operate first hand.

The two-day trip, scheduled for later this week, will include discussions with district leadership and classroom visits.

Duncan said she is hopeful during those visits the district will be able to showcase its improvement.

"I think he will be pleasantly surprised at the work that's going on, the level of work that's going on so I'm very optimistic about his visit,” Duncan said.

That work includes addressing the achievement gap and a new racial equity policy.

After the visit, Lewis plans to announce his recommendation which could be "no action", "state assistance" or "state takeover", if the state board finds JCPS is unable to fix its problems on its own.

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