LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Dr. Brad Shuck is sharing the results of research being done at UofL on bad bosses--behaviors charted from low dysfunction to high dysfunction.

Behaviors of bosses can be considered annoying to all the way up to causing trauma.

And you might be surprised to find out how many bosses are considered bad.

Shuck says the range goes all the way up to 36 percent.

Shuck is part of a three man team at UofL, that includes Dr. Kevin Rose and Dr. Matt Bergman. Their research is in an effort to help leaders, their employees and their organizations.

They chose the topic because it kept coming up, people talking about bosses like Michael Scott in The Office–and people could relate to it.

Michael Scott is more common than you think-- remember the number their research found--up to 36 percent of employees saying their bosses could be described as dysfunctional.

Now that these researchers have established the culture--the next phase will be to survey employees to see how they handle it. Do they talk to their bosses or leave the organization?

Can bad bosses who have these traits be bad for your health as an employee?

All this knowledge will be used for the greater good. Some bosses may never change but there's hope some can.