SHELBY COUNTY, Ky. — We all remember those cool teachers in school, the ones who really got on our level and helped us grow up in those middle school years. For East Middle School in Shelby County, that teacher is Mr. Zachary Hypes.

From his art classroom to teaching kids how to skate at the local skate park during spring break, Mr. Hypes is cool.

We presented him with the WHAS11 LG&E KU Excel Award this afternoon for his excellence in the classroom.

He's not just teaching his kids how to draw, paint or sculpt. He's using every moment he has with his students to bring out the true artist in all of them.

"There is the expression part of it so getting to put your voice out there, your style out there, your creativity out there. But then there is also just the pride you get where I just started with a pencil or with a hunk of clay which is just a pile of dirt basically and turn it into something that looks amazing, looks realistic or even something useable like a bowl, a teacup or a mug,” Hypes said.

Mr. Hypes also received a check for $1,000 from LG&E KU to use in his classroom however he wants.