It started with one college course. Jeanette Peters said she never had any interest in becoming a teacher until a friend suggested she take just one class to see if she liked it.

Twenty-six years later, she is accepting a much-deserved honor for her work at Clark County Middle/High School.

Her students come to her after showing difficulty in a traditional school setting. Some of them may be the first person in their family to earn a high school diploma. As an alternative school teacher, she takes the time to work with each of them one-on-one to help them reach their fullest potential in the classroom. 

"Not everybody is a cookie cutter. They fit in the same mold and I think that we provide that opportunity for those kids to be successful and find out they can be successful once they start earning a few credits they realize hey - this is not something I can't do. I can do this,” Peters said.

Peters also received a check from LG&E KU for $1,000 to use in her classroom however she sees fit.

We want to thank Mrs. Peters for dedication to education. Her patience, her kindness and her passion for seeing each and every student succeed is what makes her a WHAS11 LG&E KU ExCel Award winner.