LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Her fellow teachers call her one of the most innovative educators in JCPS and today Mrs. Debra Glover, a 4th-grade teacher at Hazelwood Elementary, accepted the 2019 WHAS Excel Award.

Mrs. Glover received a check from sponsors LG&E KU for $1,000 to use however she sees fit for her classroom.

Glover has been teaching for nine years.  She has spent the last two years at Hazelwood and said getting to know her students on a personal level is the key to her success.

"Education is not just about teaching content, right? I'm teaching kids. I have them for a year. I'm teaching them to be productive citizens as adults, right? So, to make that connection with their family and see where they are coming from. We have kids from all over the world at Hazelwood. It is such a diverse population and so I'm always learning too, and I want to be involved in their lives outside of the classroom,” Glover said.

Out of the 20 students in her class, Glover said English is a second language to half of them. During the summer, Glover volunteers her time to give conversational English lessons to train Primary School Teachers in developing countries.