HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – I believe this cosmic wonder that we witnessed here in Hopkinsville stands for something much bigger in our daily lives.

I watch how Kentucky is in the national spotlight for two reasons at the moment:

THE best spot for The Great American Eclipse.

And the next possible flashpoint for the great American struggle on race.

I watched the past two days here in Hopkinsville, people of all races welcoming each other, helping each other out of terrible traffic jam, offering water in 100-degree heat and then standing side by side, looking up at the heavens, our life source, the sun, and its glorious corona.

All with a look of awe on their faces.

And then, at 2:48pm this afternoon, the eclipse moved over the 300-year-old city of Charleston, South Carolina. Ironically, where the first shot of the civil war was fired.

At 1500 miles per hour, the eclipse moved out to the ocean where it ended. Dissipated somewhere over the Atlantic.

I wish I could say when it sailed over Charleston, it took the Civil War with it.

But tomorrow our civility to one another will be tested again.

That’s because it’s back to work.

Back to reality.

Here in Kentucky we cannot let those who will divide us in the future, erase what we saw here today.

This Eclipse was a Great American Unifier.