LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville man is in custody after police said he kidnapped a woman, waiting for her inside her van at a downtown Louisville parking garage. Christopher Sindelar is now facing several charges including attempted murder.

Choked and left for dead, one woman's survival story was read aloud in court Thursday where the alleged attacker went in front of a judge.

"The defendant told the victim if she tried to escape, he would kill her," Judge Sean Delahanty said.

The incident started at the Norton Hospital Parking Garage downtown, where Sindelar was hiding in the victim's car with a knife, and then forcing her to drive three miles across town, to this lot near seventh and Hill.

"Made the victim exit the van and he began to strike and kick the victim, forcing the victim to the ground. The defendant slammed the victim's head against the pavement multiple times. Defendant told victim that she was going to die," the judge read.

According to the arrest warrant, the two people knew each other.

The judge explained, "He also stated that he was going to kill her mother and poison her dog. Defendant thought the victim was dead and left the location. Victim regained consciousness and called the police."

That woman was ok but seriously hurt.

As for Sindelar, he's being held at Metro Corrections, with strict instructions from the judge.

"Do not call this woman from the jail," Delahanty said.

Sindelar is being held on a $100,000 bond. He is expected back in court on February 16.

Norton released the following statement:

We take the safety of patients, guests and employees very seriously. We are meeting with LMPD detectives tomorrow to review security video footage and provide a copy for the investigation. Our review of the video does not show anyone other than the driver entering or exiting the vehicle for the duration the vehicle was in our parking garage. We will continue to assist LMPD in any way we can.