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Teen admitted killing his stepbrother with baseball bat, according to newly released documents

In the discovery, it indicates that Young admitted to killing Zwicker by hitting him with a baseball bat 15-30 times.
Credit: WHAS
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Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11)- WHAS11 is finding out more about the case against Joshua Young.

He's the 15-year-old accused of murdering his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker and leaving his body behind Liberty High School earlier this year.

On Thursday, 255 pages of evidence, along with witness interviews, photographs and videos were released.

Those interviews could reveal clues about how Trey Zwicker died.

It appears the state's key witness may be Young's own father, a person originally considered a 'person of interest' in the case.

In the interrogation taped immediately after his arrest, Young told investigators, 'I'm sticking to the story I told you. I'm not pleading guilty to this.'

But Josh Young's own father, Josh Gouker, had plenty of information for police.

Gouker agreed to talk to officers after being arrested in Alabama, where police say Gouker kidnapped and threatened to kill a woman just weeks after Trey's death. His son, Josh Young was with him at the time.

Court documents show police were worried about Young's safety, since Gouker is a convicted felon who admitted to detectives weeks before that he hung his wife off a hotel balcony and killed two family pets.

'What I am is the leader of a gang. A very violent... (expletive),' Gouker told Detective Scott Russ, who drove to Alabama to interview him after his arrest there.

Gouker said in the interview that Josh Young admitted killing Trey, allegedly beating him multiple times with a Louisville Slugger, then asking a relative to help him dispose of evidence in a dumpster.

'He threw away his clothes, his shoes and a bat,' said Gouker. 'Everything he put in Kroger bags.'

Gouker's mother, Ruby Jessie also admitted to police on tape that she heard a confession from Young..

She said Little Josh told her he hit Trey with a baseball bat 19 times.

Just last month, Jessie told reporters at Josh Young's arraignment that she believes it was in fact her son Josh Gouker who killed Trey.

Gouker told investigators that the murder was a 'spur of the moment' incident.

He said Young 'hated' Trey and was afraid he would tell on him for committing petty crimes in the neighborhood.

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