CLARK CO., Ind. (WHAS11) -- A Southern Indiana mother will spend 15 years in prison after her two children were killed in a horrible crash involving a train.

Erika Fouch admits to using drugs on the day she drove her vehicle into a train crossing, with her children, 5-year-old Adalynn Fouch and 4-year-old Wyatt Fouch, in the backseat.

Behind courtroom doors, Fouch and her family were part of an emotional hearing.

Through tears, Fouch told the judge she is filled with sorrow, after losing her children. She also said she is filled with remorse for using drugs on the day she drove her car into a train-crossing, her children in the backseat.

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“It was real. It was sincere. It was heartfelt. She was very, very emotional in speaking about these things and she does recognize what her actions have caused," Fouch’s attorney, Niles Driskell, said.

Driskell said his client has been in drug therapy and counseling since the crash.

Fouch’s husband is still by her side, and told the judge Thursday, "it’s bad enough to wake up every morning without our children. I don't want to wake up without my wife."

<p>4-year-old Wyatt and 5-year-old Adalynn</p>

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Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said, "This is a sad case. This defendant is grief-stricken, I know she regrets her actions, she's obviously processing the loss of her children, it’s sad for her family, for her husband, for her grandparents, there are no winners in this case.”

Mull acknowledged the hardship this has been on the Fouch family but said justice has to be served. He pointed out to the judge that Fouch has been granted probation for drug-related charged five times before.

He said that penalty wouldn't be appropriate again.

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"At the end of the day, these two little children were hit by a train and killed in a very violent way, because of her actions. Her intentional actions”, Mull said.

Fouch was taken into custody by the Clark County Sheriff's Department. She will be held at the Clark County Jail until she is transferred to a state prison.