LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two people were arrested on abuse charges after police found four children aged two to seven living in extreme filth in their home.

Officers originally stopped at the home of Sean Landrey and Jessica Downs for a welfare check after a tip from the abuse hotline said a 7-year-old living in the home came to school with a lacerated lip.

When they arrived, police said they found a "severe amount of clutter and trash throughout the house," observing living and dead cockroaches, and their feces, in all rooms.

Three children were in one room with two twin size mattresses, officers saying both mattresses were "completely covered in filth to a severe/extreme state" with living and dead cockroaches and bedbugs. According to the arrest citation, the children told officers that when they sleep they "have bugs crawl on them and bite them."

In Landrey and Downs' room, officers found a crib where a two-year-old was surrounded by "hundreds of baby cockroaches...along with their feces and bedbugs." The arrest citation said when the child was removed from the crib, a cockroach was under his head.

Officers determined all four children were in extreme danger of injury or death, and the children were released to the suspect's grandmother. The arrest citation said officers did a home inspection of the grandmother's residence before leaving the children with her.

Downs was listed as the mother, while Landrey is the biological father to one child and caretaker of the other three. Both Landrey and Downs face four charges of criminal abuse in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Police said there was already an ongoing Child Protective Services investigation on the parents.