LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- She's facing murder charges in connection to her boyfriend's death, but Brenda Porter is out of jail for now.

A judge put her on house arrest at her first court appearance on Jan. 22. Police arrested the 56-year-old Sunday night after her live-in boyfriend, David Burch, was found dead in a backyard near Assumption High School.

There were several family members including her son, sisters, and brother--all of them there--to let the judge know they could look after Porter if she got released.

Porter is facing multiple charges including murder, domestic violence, and abuse of a corpse.

Investigators say police found her boyfriend's body behind a home on Wellbrooke Road near Bardstown Road Sunday morning.

The police report says Porter confessed to assaulting 68-year-old David Burch, leading to his death. The report also reveals she wrapped him in bedding and a plastic tarp to try and clean up the crime scene.

During Porter's court appearance Monday morning, the judge passed along strict guidelines for what her time on house arrest will look like.

“You're going to be on house arrest, listen to this Ms. Porter, you're on a GPS system. They're going to be able to track you every moment of the day. I'm going to say you get no releases. There's going to be a fence around your house, wherever you're living, that if you go outside this invisible fence, an alarm goes off and they're going to come and pick you up. Do you understand?" the judge said.

In the courtroom, the judge asked Porter's family members about her relationship with the victim. Porter did not speak to their relationship during Monday's court appearance, only confirming the two lived together and that she rented the house from him.

Her original bond was set for $250,000 before she was put on HIP.