LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A disturbing crime involving kidnapping, attempted murder, assault and terroristic threatening.

The suspect accused of those crimes appeared before a judge Wednesday morning. Christopher Sindelar is accused of hiding in the victim's van while she was visiting her father at Norton Hospital.

When Bethany Decker got into her van that's when police say Sindelar attempted to kill her by choking her to death.

Police say Sindelar forced Decker to drive to a location at knife-point pulled her from the van and began hitting and kicking her.

Sindelar is also accused of slamming Decker's head to the ground multiple times. Officers say Sindelar then choked decker until she fell unconscious.

Sindelar left thinking she was dead.

Decker was treated at University Hospital for her injuries. Decker and Sindelar do know each other but never dated.

Sindelar is being held on $1000,00 cash bond.