STAR PRAIRIE, Wis. - A western Wisconsin woman faces prostitution charges after she allegedly performed sexual services from inside a chicken coop.

Authorities in Polk County say they were conducting a prostitution investigation regarding a Back Page ad. After exchanging messages with the person who posted the ad, authorities were directed to an address in rural Star Prairie.

On May 12, officers conducted a search warrant and arrested 27-year-old Sarah Bradehoft.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators say Bradehoft admitted to exchanging sex for money and said she needed the money to return to Florida, where she had been living up until late March.

Bradehoft reportedly she had five clients and that the sexual acts occurred in a chicken coop on the property.

Authorities say Bradehoft has six children, four of whom were inside the home at the time of the raid.

Child Protection Services conducted a drug test on Bradehoft's two-year-old child. Results showed the child tested positive for drugs including methamphetamine and cocaine. Bradehoft also faces child endangerment charges.