MACON, Ga. — From snow cones to popcorn, Bridget Robinson and her son Seven Powell can do it all, and it all started with a lemonade stand two years ago.

"Me and my mom, we had just moved to Macon, and she told me she couldn't afford to take me on vacation yet, so I decided that I wanted a lemonade stand, because I wanted to make some money and go to school and be prepared," Powell said.

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"Me being a single mom at that point, I had to make it happen for him," Robinson said.

She saw it as an opportunity to teach her son about entrepreneurship.

"I told him he had to have business hours. Every week he had to offer his clients a new flavor, and so I kind of made it fun for him, and before I knew it the summer, it was just a hit," Robinson said.

It was so popular, they got a space in the flea market off Eisenhower Parkway to expand their business.

"We used all of the earnings that Seven had made that summer, so we said, 'Okay let's invest your money,' and so we did, and we came, and we found this little spot here," Robinson said.

"We just started painting the walls, getting all the decorations, and we started to get the machines one by one," Powell said.

They're just a month away from opening Seven's Heaven Lemonade and Sweet Treats selling candy apples, cake pops, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones, Powell's favorite.

Like a true boss, Powell is always on the move, and he doesn't cut any slack for his employees, not even his own mother.

"Whenever I don't do something he recommends me to do, he fires me, so I've gotten fired quite a few times already," she said.

He's always quick to hire her back, especially because he needs her for his future plans.

"When we open up more Seven's Heavens, so when my mom's not here to help me, I can't work all the shops by myself, and I don't know what to do. I can count money, do all the math I know, and get more employees," Powell said.

Seven's Heaven Lemonade and Sweet Treats will officially open September 7th.

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Robinson says they do custom treat assortments and are available to book for events.

They have a suite inside the Flea Market located at 3670 Eisenhower Pkwy. Their telephone number is 478-785-7176.